5 Best Renovations That Add Value to Your Property

Knowing which renovations to put money into can make a huge difference! Many home improvement projects will not improve your home’s value, particularly in a down market. In fact, some can negatively affect its resale value if you decide to sell. In contrast, some improvements can significantly add to your home’s value. However, which ones … Continue reading

Kitchen Remodel October 2013

We love working with designers that really know their stuff. Kathy was great to work with and gave us an opportunity to shine. These are the jobs we love the most. Being able to see the finished product is so much fun and makes the hard work pay off. “Great visit with a recent kitchen … Continue reading

Five Basic Outdoor Deck Styles

In this part of the country, you know that we’re bound to enjoy lots of sunny days. A great way to soak up the sunshine and fresh air is to relax on an outdoor deck. There are five basic styles of outdoor decks: Platform Deck. This style of deck is attached to some part of … Continue reading

Deck or Porch builds

Dazzling Decks: Designing Your Home’s Outdoor Retreat

After spending the week in a blur running from home to school to work to school to practice and eventually finding your way back home again, it’s important that your house be a destination in and of itself. More than just a place to keep your stuff and shovel down the occasional meal, you’ll want … Continue reading

Deck or Porch remodel or renew

Tips you should know before you build or repair your deck in Johnson County

A deck, or patio, is the perfect place to spend outdoor time. This quintessential location can be used for family gatherings, entertaining, or personal time, making it vital to create and maintain an area that is multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing. Being able to rely upon a qualified and experienced professional to help you design and … Continue reading

Shower Remodeling in KC

Why glass showers should be in every Modern House…

A glass shower enclosure creates a sophisticated environment, eliminating certain aspects of upkeep in order to maintain a more sustainable bathroom experience. Glass enclosures never need replacing, unlike common plastic liners, and also retain water better while acting as a superior insulator. In an era of environmental conscientiousness, every little thing helps. Furthermore, when installed … Continue reading

kitchen remodeling kc

Tips to Choose an Expert Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of any home – if not the most important. Most homeowners spend a significant amount of time in their kitchen cooking, eating, socializing, working, and hopefully enjoying the room. However, it is inevitable that a time will come that your kitchen will need to go through … Continue reading

Basement remodels in Johnson County

Frequently Asked Questions About Finishing a Basement

When it comes to remodeling in Kansas City, a popular project involves finishing a basement. It’s one of the least expensive ways to add additional space to your home, and can be finished to suit a number of purposes. If you’re considering a basement remodel, you may have some questions about the project including: Will … Continue reading

Window replacement kansas city

Do you need to replace windows to keep the heat out of the house in the summer?

In a climate like ours, where summers get incredibly hot and humid, energy-efficient windows are a must to keep indoor temperatures comfortable without putting undue strain on your A/C. Not only are older windows less efficient insulators than their modern counterparts, they’re also prone to leaks or operation malfunctions that can allow valuable conditioned air to escape. … Continue reading

Bathroom Remodel in Basement

Basement bathroom remodels in older homes | Remodeling Kansas …

If you have been looking to install an extra bathroom in your home but are on a limited budget, head for your basement. Adding a bathroom in your basement can help you avoid having to lay a new foundation and slab or footer, and eliminate the cost of new siding and roofing, saving about a … Continue reading