Dazzling Decks: Designing Your Home’s Outdoor Retreat

Deck or Porch builds

After spending the week in a blur running from home to school to work to school to practice and eventually finding your way back home again, it’s important that your house be a destination in and of itself. More than just a place to keep your stuff and shovel down the occasional meal, you’ll want to make the most of the space you’ve got in order to provide the quiet retreat you often want with the spacious venue you sometimes need for hosting gatherings with family, friends and neighbors. For many homeowners, decks are the answer.

When you’re considering upgrading or installing decking on your property, it’s important to think about not only what your vision for the space is, but about how the external function of your new deck will integrate with the rest of your living space. Some key things to consider when crafting an ideal outdoor space, outlined here, you should pay attention to in order to help you develop your plan.

Form and Function

For starters, you’ll need to think through the shape, size and function of your deck. So, consider where the sun falls on your property; when you’ll most frequently use the deck; whether the deck is primarily for relaxing or entertaining; whether you want to cook there; and if you need lighting and/or sound installed.

Privacy or Shelter

Next, think about what sort of shelter you might need to provide protection from the elements and/or privacy. Some top options to consider are: retractable blinds, a permanent roof, hide-away screens, and moveable shades along with existing or new plants. 

Materials and Budget

Whatever materials you’re interested in, it’s important to consider their cost, weight and whether they’re in keeping with any building code or Home Owners Association restrictions in your area. The materials you choose are a huge driving factor in your budget. Popular materials for decks include traditional wood, modern composites or a trendy blend of wood, metal and stone.

For many busy homeowners, dreams of decks never materialize – but a quick consultation with a local contractor can put a firm framework in place to help you put your plans into action, without falling foul of local building codes or blowing your budget.

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