Why glass showers should be in every Modern House…

Shower Remodeling in KC

A glass shower enclosure creates a sophisticated environment, eliminating certain aspects of upkeep in order to maintain a more sustainable bathroom experience. Glass enclosures never need replacing, unlike common plastic liners, and also retain water better while acting as a superior insulator. In an era of environmental conscientiousness, every little thing helps. Furthermore, when installed by a team of knowledgeable professionals, a classy enclosure adds a tasteful element to any bathroom.

Instead of having to try scrubbing a flimsy, plastic shower curtain free of disgusting mold, a glass enclosure is no more difficult than cleaning the rest of a tiled bathroom. This permanency allows for lower waste because of never having to again purchase new curtains. Still, there are several color options available from a variety of fine retailers and wholesalers to avoid the monotony of clear or slightly opaque glass. A qualified designer can match the shade of glass to the rest of the bathroom in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Another problem most traditional shower layouts contain is an inherent leaks. Through the sides, bottom, and even top, water escapes the basin, causing a slippery hazard as well as requiring extra cleaning time to prevent displeasing grout stains or potentially fatal mold. Well-sealed glass enclosures drastically cut back on this consequence, preventing time loss as well as headaches or structural damage. For this reason, consider having a floor to ceiling enclosure installed that completely catches every drop of water.

A total seal for the entire shower basin also improves the level of insulation. When enjoying a long, hot shower, glass enclosures help maintain the humidity and warmth for maximum pleasure and minimal thermal loss. Coupled with a low-flow shower head, a proper bathroom renovation could start to pay for itself in energy savings.

Working on a bathroom, however, is a serious job. Even if you are quite adept at household repairs and some major contractor work, small mistakes involving plumbing can be disastrous. Make sure you hire trained and certified crews, such as French Remodeling, to install a glass shower enclosure. With a talented designer helping you out, your bathroom can ascend from ordinary to extraordinary.

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