Do you need to replace windows to keep the heat out of the house in the summer?

Window replacement kansas city

In a climate like ours, where summers get incredibly hot and humid, energy-efficient windows are a must to keep indoor temperatures comfortable without putting undue strain on your A/C. Not only are older windows less efficient insulators than their modern counterparts, they’re also prone to leaks or operation malfunctions that can allow valuable conditioned air to escape.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to replace your windows, here are some guidelines to consider.

Windows replace or repair? 

How old are they? If your windows are 15-years or older, it’s a good idea to speak with a local window vendor and discuss your replacement options. Window technology has come a long way in the last decade. Low-E glass has higher insulation value, and will also reflect direct sunlight so it doesn’t have a chance to penetrate the interior of your home.

window replacement in kansas city

When to repair or replace your windows in Kansas City homes

How do they feel? No need to have a long heart-to-heart with your windows, just place your hand up to the glass on a hot day. What do you feel? If the window feels warm or hot to the touch, it’s a sure sign it’s time for a window replace. An efficient window won’t transfer heat to the interior of your home, which saves energy.

Are they drafty? In order to test whether or not a window is drafty, light a stick of incense, or a candle, and slowly move it around the edge of the window. If you see a waver in the smoke, or the flicker of a flame, you know you have a leaky window. On a hot summer day, that small leak will suck a considerable amount of cool air right outside, wasting precious energy to replace the lost air.

Do they open/close normally? If your windows are less than 15-years old and they aren’t working property, check your warranty or contact a professional to do an inspection. You might be able to repair your windows. Otherwise, a window replace may be in order. Remember that mechanical ventilation, i.e. opening your windows on a cool morning or evening, is just as important to your energy savings as an insulated window. You don’t want to miss out on free cooling benefits.

On average, high-quality windows can save up to $450 per year in energy costs. Plus, you can still qualify for 2013 energy efficient tax credits. To learn more about replacement window benefits, contact French Remodeling of Kansas City.

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