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Bathroom Remodel in Basement

If you have been looking to install an extra bathroom in your home but are on a limited budget, head for your basement. Adding a bathroom in your basement can help you avoid having to lay a new foundation and slab or footer, and eliminate the cost of new siding and roofing, saving about a third of the cost of extending your home’s exterior footprint. In addition, the existence of at least one, if not two (if installing a corner bathroom) walls further reduces the cost

Design challenges — Low ceilings may limit installation of a shower stall and dictate that you install a bathtub instead. If your basement will be serving primarily as an entertaining space you may want to consider installing a powder room instead of a full bathroom. Because powder rooms are smaller spaces with only a toilet and sink, your renovation budget can be stretched to include adding high-end materials such as stone tiles for flooring and walls, granite surfaces and luxury fixtures. At the same time, if you can afford to add a full bath, it could increase your property value. Remodeling experts recommend installing it now to avoid future remodeling costs.

Space issues — To save space, and make your bathroom appear larger, work with a cabinetmaker to create a custom vanity that can accommodate a narrow bar-sized sink. Your toilet will require a space 27 to 31 inches deep and 19 to 21 inches wide.

Lighting considerations – With limited windows, and a dearth of available natural light, keeping your basement space light and bright can be difficult. To eliminate a cave-like ambience in your basement bathroom, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Visually expand and illuminate the space with mirrors
  • Eliminate shadows with wall sconces.
  • Add decorative curtains that don’t block any available outdoor lighting
  • Install recessed lighting to avoid fixtures hanging from a low basement ceiling

Of all the expenses associated with a basement remodel, plumbing will be the largest component. Before you begin any bathroom basement remodeling projects, check codes and ensure the basement is sealed and dry. Due to issues such as moisture, it is best to hire a professional contractor with basement plumbing experience if your budget allows, to ensure the project is completed properly. When home remodeling Kansas City basements, ask your friends, family and neighbors for contractor recommendations based on their positive experience with finished projects.

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