Hiring a Home Addition Contractor | Kansas City Home Remodeling

Building a home addition is an exciting prospect for a homeowner but one that can also be fraught with uncertainty. Finding a reliable and experienced home addition contractor is the best way to keep the project on budget, on time and stress free. Here are some tips for accomplishing this goal:

Start with Friends and Neighbors Almost every homeowner has had some work done to their home over the years. This includes your friends and neighbors who are excellent resources to find reputable home remodelers. Even better, you can actually inspect the work to see how it was completed and how it has lasted over the years.

Ensure Certification and Insurance The first step in your search should be to only use a licensed, insured and certified contractor. Every state and almost every municipality has licensing requirements and a reputable remodeler should be able to provide the documentation at your first meeting. Be very wary of any contractors who cannot.

Check References and Reviews Any professional engaged in home remodeling in the Kansas City area should have dozens of satisfied customers. Be sure to get a list and take the time to contact 3 to 4 of them. Their experience will be some of the best insight into how well the contractor will perform his work. Also, contact the local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any outstanding issues with the contractor.

Get Bids Regardless of how highly rated a contractor is, a little honest competition will get you the best product for the best price. Don’t keep it a secret either. Be sure to let all the contractors know that you are taking competitive bids.

Sign a Contract – A clear understanding between the homeowner and the contractor as to the scope and timeline of the project is essential to avoid any misunderstandings. It is also a necessary precaution that protects both parties. A contractor who wants to work without one should be avoided.

The Bottom Line As you can see, finding a reputable, professional home remodeler is not a particularly difficult task but it can be time-consuming. Still, a little effort exerted at the beginning of the project will reap rewards later in terms of money spent, time for completion and overall satisfaction with the job.

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