Kansas City Home Improvements that don’t really Add Value

What not to do when remodeling

There’s no shortage of home remodeling Kansas City providers out there willing to provide you with upgrades to your living space and some of these improvements may be well worth the time and money invested. Most remodeling projects will increase the livability and comfort of your home and some will increase its value if and when you decide to sell. Some, however, are not so practical if your main objective is to add to the selling value of your house and, from an expense versus value perspective, should probably be avoided. Here are a few.

  • High-end upgrades – remodeling your kitchen with expensive appliances, counter tops and cabinets will be out of place if the rest of your home doesn’t display a similar level of style and quality. If bathroom fixtures are old and outdated and the floor is covered in aged vinyl the newly designed kitchen will look out of place and not add much resale value.
  • Swimming pools – adding a swimming pool is expensive initially and also carries the financial burden of ongoing maintenance. Many potential buyers will even shy away from a home with a swimming pool because of associated problems, danger and maintenance expenses.
  • Overbuilds – adding a second story with additional bedrooms and a bath in a neighborhood populated by single-story dwellings may increase its value slightly, but nowhere near what the addition will cost. If it’s priced well above the neighborhood norm it will be difficult to sell, as prospects willing to spend the extra money would prefer a home in a neighborhood of similarly priced homes.
  • Hidden improvements – installing a new heating/cooling system or new plumbing may make your home more comfortable for you, but don’t expect to recoup the investment through a higher selling price. Buyers already expect these systems to be in good operating order and won’t be willing to spend more because these items have been newly replaced.
  • Carpeting – new wall-to-wall carpeting is expensive and prospective buyers may not like the color, texture or may have concerns about potential health risks associated with chemicals or allergens posed by carpeting. A better value may be realized by taking up old carpets and refinishing the underlying floor surface.

Although many remodeling jobs can improve livability and increase your home’s value many will not. Before taking the plunge into a new home remodeling Kansas City project, consider seeking the advice of a local expert.

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