How much should a replacement window cost?

Replacement Windows

As most of you know, if you see it on TV it is probably a rip-off! The same goes for windows. The biggest scam is “Triple pane windows”! Talk to any legitimate window supplier and they do not even sell triple pane windows. You don’t need them unless you live in Alaska!

The best way to go when replacing windows is with “sash replacement windows”. With sash replacement windows only the window sashes are replaced and the window frame and trim are left in tack. It cost much less this way and does not disturb your woodwork. All the work is done from the inside so you don’t have to worry about ladders disturbing your landscape!

Remodeling in Kansas City window replacements

Replace Classic Windows Kansas City area

Double hung windows are the most common style of windows. Stay away from casement windows, they are prone to problems. The average price to install a vinyl double hung window, labor and material is $300.00. Personally I like to install Vinyl-max windows, because they are high quality windows at a reasonable price! Don’t waste your money on windows that you see advertised all the time because you are paying for all that advertising!

Like any other project around your house make sure and hire a qualified craftsman to do the work. Most of these large window companies hire installers that will work for low wages so that they can make more money. I have heard many stories from people about the poor workmanship they received and the problems they had getting them to come back and fix the problems!

Replace windows in Johnson County

Old Victorian windows that need to be replaced

Replacing old windows that are leaking air into your house is one of the best things you can do for your house! Not only will it save you money and make your house more comfortable, you will be amazed how new windows will block outside noise!

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