Spring is HERE…What remodeling can you do to get ready for Summer?

Spring Cleaning for Summer

Spring around the House

Spring may be a little late this year but it will arrive shortly! So what kind of things do we need to start thinking about?

How about changing outside light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs? They save money and last much longer than old style bulbs.

This is the time to get busy in the yard. Trim trees and bush’s, clean-up the yard in general. Let’s get started with those gardens, time to get out there and get dirty! Start thinking about what you want to plant. Could be time for some new landscaping.

Is the deck showing some where and tear from this past winter? Yes, this year we did have winter! Could be a good idea to put a coat of sealer on the deck before old man Sun starts working on it! Be sure and buy a quality sealer, the cheap ones are a waste of time because they don’t hold up.

We are supposed to be getting some spring rain this year! Clean the gutters and roof so you are ready for the rain. Don’t forget to clean the siding while you are at it. You might even want to wash the windows too. I hate washing windows! If you are the same, there are plenty of companies out there that will do it for you.

Walk around your house and check it out. Things to look for are storm damage and rotten wood. Does it need caulking or painting? Check out the air-conditioning unit, good time to clean it up.

Change those smoke alarm batteries! I had a smoke alarm wake me up in the middle of the night! I had a fire in the kitchen, but I was able to put it out because of the smoke alarm.

Mother Nature, I am ready for spring! I need to get out of this house!

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