Big 12 Tournament at the Sprint Center 2013

Sprint Center Conference Tournament

Has it been a year already since Texas A & M and Missouri divorced the Big 12 and moved to the SEC?! The tournament will feel a little weird this year with MIZZOU missing from the equation, especially since the conference tournament is typically held in Kansas City, Missouri. Just as it was the year before when Colorado and Nebraska jumped ship they will be missed during the games.

Now we will get a chance to see the latest additions of TCU and WVU step up to the plate. It is always a good game when the Big 12 is playing. The current Big 12 teams that will be playing next week are Baylor, Iowa State, KU, OU OSU, TCU, Texas Tech, West Virginia, and KSU. Who will the Champions be?

If you haven’t revamped the living room to fit a party there is still time. Even the conference gets updates to keep up with the times so if you haven’t considered updating your home it can be worth the effort.  Last checked the tickets are selling only in full session packages at the Sprint Center for over $195 and that is the upper deck. Just do some repairs here and there, add some crown molding, mount the  tv up high on the wall and you are ready to entertain.

Let us know if you need some last minute touch ups to the house before the big game day gathering!  French Remodeling 816-313-2400! Enjoy your favorite team!

For ideas check out our March Madness post on the Man Cave!

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