March Madness!!

March Madness Man Cave

March Madness!

As “March Madness” approaches we all must decide, “Where am I going to watch the games!” Some people are lucky enough to have tickets to the games, but most of us will be watching on a big screen somewhere. This is a busy time of year for all the sports bars! People flock to these places to enjoy the games with their fellow round ball fans! This is also a good time to get those “ManCaves” stocked up and ready for your buds to come over and root for their favorite teams! ManCaves come in all shapes and sizes including, work shops, enclosed patio’s, basements, garages. Some of them are fixed up pretty nice, but most of them are more on the rough side. For some reason it is more fun to hang out in some guys shop than sit in the house! Must be all the tools and sawdust, kind of a way to kick back and enjoy the things you like! Also being outside is a real plus, weather permitting. Get that TV set up out on the deck or patio and kick back and enjoy the game. Don’t forget to re-cycle all those bottles and cans! If your disposal service does not re-cycle glass there are the big purple dumpsters all over town where you can take your glass to re-cycle. Well I am rooting for all of our local teams, they all have a shot at it and this should be a great “March Madness.”

2 Responses to “March Madness!!”
  1. Aubrey Owen says:

    Go K-State! March Madness Sprint Center here we come! Can’t wait until Friday!

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