Updating the home keeping SAFETY in mind…

outside lighting for safety

Home Security Tips

Lights and Locks – The most important aspect of protecting your home. Outside lights should illuminate all entry points on your house. It is best that they are controlled by a photo cell. That way they come on and off whether you are home or not.
Good quality deadbolt locks are a must. Make sure the strike plate is secured with three inch screws that penetrate the 2×4 framing. It is best if they are all keyed alike so you only have to keep track of one key. The easiest way to secure the windows is to drill a hole though the lower sash into the upper sash and insert a nail.

home safety

Make your home safe with locks on your doors

Make your house look like you are home even if you are not! Leave the radio or TV on when you are gone. If you are gone at night either turn on inside lights or put them on a timer so they come on when it gets dark. If you can park your car in the garage all the time, it makes it hard to tell if you are home!

“We have never had a problem in the ten years we have lived here!” Nothing ever happens until the first time. Don’t wait until you have a break-in before you make your house safe!

Do not open your door to anyone that you do not know. It is usually a solicitor or a burglar attempting to see if you are home. If they are persistent, grab your gun and be ready for them!

Try not to come and go at the same time every day. Burglars watch your schedule to determine the best time to break in your house. Watch your neighbor’s houses. If you see suspicious activity, call the police. They would rather come out for an unfounded call than miss a chance to catch the bad guys!

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