Trends in Remodeling for 2013 step 6! SOURCE

The last step in the latest trends is a powerful source and should always be looked at closely when making updates or changes to the home.


Energy is the last but most definitely not the least of the trends. The main trend for 2013 is adding your own personality to the home. If you ignore the energy of the home you can forget personality because yours will not be worth reflecting.

You don’t need to be certified in Feng Shui to know that the energy of your home is affected by wind, water, and metals. Just think about it in the winter time the house is really stuffy. When Spring comes everyone wants to open the windows and air out the home. When you have non working windows, or windows painted shut it can have a negative impact on your energy and the energy of your home.

Water is another way you can impact the energy of your home. Think about it, if you hate doing dishes then adding a dish washer or fixing your broken one could allow you to spend less energy on washing the dishes and more energy on spending time with your family. Water can also impact your day. We all start our day with a shower or end it that way. If you do not have good water flow or your bathroom shower is too small to accommodate shaving then it is time to consider a minor bathroom remodel.

Remember whatever you are planning to do with your home to keep up with the Trends for 2013 always start with the SOURCE of the problem. Review the S.O.U.R.C.E- first before contacting a local professional Remodeling Company, think about the newest trends and how to apply them – Space, Organization, Use, Relaxation, Comfort, and Energy. Then you will have the home that fits you and you will be more like person you know you are. Stress free, comfortable, healthy, happy and with better relationships all the way around.

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