Trends for design and remodeling step 5…

Remodeling the Basement


The mistake most people make when redesigning their home for the trends is adding furniture pieces that are trendy without even sitting on it first to see if it is something they will even sit on. You know there is the nice piece of furniture in your home right now that you never sit on. The company that joins you for cards on the weekend doesn’t even sit in this chair. That is when you know you chose it for looks instead of comfort. Do not make the same mistake twice.

trends for 2013

designing for trends

A better way to design for comfort and stay up with the trends is to use how you relax to drive remodeling /styling the home.  If a couple isn’t comfortable because the guy wants to have friends over and watch games all the time and the woman is more interested in watching the Cupcake wars on television or reading a book, then they are in constant conflict trying to seek comfort in their own home.

To fix this use the 3 C’s of remodeling. Concede, Consult, and Comfort. Concede that you have a use of space conflict, consult with a remodeling that has been in the industry at least 25 years, and make changes to the home with comfort in mind.

In this case once the couple concedes to the fact that they have a problem, then our consultation would provide a recommendation to envision the unused basement area as a man cave. Giving each person their own space for comfort allows them to truly enjoy the time they spend together. One of the best ways to keep a relationship going strong is to make sure you are comfortable in your own home, and making the home fit your needs. Adding a man cave will only add value to the home having a finished basement.

There are many other ways to adjust your home to comfort such as chair rails to help grandparents up and down stairs, ramps for wheel chair accessibility, etc. Contact French Remodeling and Furniture today for questions or ideas.

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