Trends for remodeling in 2013 step 4…

Relaxation is a key aspects to the latest trends in the remodeling and design worlds. People are on the latest kick with using upgrades to their home to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Finishing Attic Space

Loft above kids bedroom finished


When upgrading your home make sure that you think about what allows you to finally relax. One client asked to update her home to help her finally relax. When we asked her “What is causing you so much stress that you aren’t able to relax?”  She said that there is always too much noise and no peace and quite due to her teenage kids being full of energy all the time.

When looking around the house usually we can tell right away that there is a great deal of unused space. In this case there was attic space that wasn’t being used. A loft area addition to one of the kids rooms that allows them a space of their own to hang out and play up out of mom’s hair is a good way to help give her back some peace and quiet she has been longing for.

To see more images of the loft click here.

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