Trends for design and remodeling in 2013 continued…

Use of Space in Kitchen

Islands can take up too much space in the kitchen (consult a remodeling expert first)

Use of the home and making it feel more like you is another trend on the list for remodeling in the new year. We admit that people fill different roles in the house, but does it mean that everyone that comes to visit should know what they are?

If two people cook then it is not a good idea to have an island in the middle of the kitchen so you both cannot cook at the same time. A good example of how to apply this trend is when there is a spot in the home that everyone goes to and you have to walk clear around the house to get there, then we recommend having a door cut out of the wall that is blocking your way.

With trends like this people think, how do I remodel my house to fit me? They don’t realize there is more to it.

At French Remodeling & Furniture we typically advise our clients to avoid any problems when you are trying to resell your home. To help you make your home more like your personality we advise you stick with the design aspects of the home to ensure the feel is unique to you.

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