Why is my house so cold?


Air infiltration is the most common problem. Replacing old windows with vinyl replacement windows will do wonders for your heating bill and your comfort level! If your exterior doors are leaking air, fiberglass exterior six panel doors are your best bet. If you are talking about patio doors there are vinyl products for that also!

Make sure the insulation in your attic is adequate! If it is not, have additional insulation blown in.

If you have never had your duct work cleaned you will be amazed what a difference it makes!

If you are trying to heat two levels, (basement level and first floor or first floor and second floor), remember heat rises! The lower level will be difficult to heat because the heat goes up the stairwell. If there is a door at the bottom or top of the stairwell, keep it closed, this will keep the heat from going up the stairs. If you don’t have a door, devise a way to block off the stairwell to keep the heat on the lower level.

Adjust your heat registers! The registers closest to the furnace should be closed down some and the ones that are the greatest distance from the furnace should be opened up.

Remember it is “Winter”, dress warm! You are better off dressing warm and turning the thermostat down. The air won’t dry out as much and it won’t be such a shock to your body when you go outdoors. People that keep their houses too warm are more likely to get sick than those that dress for the weather and keep the temperature down! That’s why it is always cold in hospitals! It will save you money also!

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